Welcome to Bla&Co. a studio of textile creation specializing in print design. We can help you find information to inspire you, develop the graphic collections you need for your garments and accompany you throughout the process of printing while offering sustainable solutions.

We are convinced that fashion is much more than an aesthetic issue. We understand design as a tool for change towards a more sustainable future that respects both the environment and society.

My name is Anna Blanco, I studied Technical Architecture in Barcelona and Fashion Design in Paris. After 10 years in the fast-fashion industry, I have learned all the techniques, manufacturing processes, times and ins and outs of the sector, which has given me a global vision of this time in the indrustry. I created Bla&Co. with the idea of linking trends and sustainability, with the certainty that another type of industry is possible. I also started this company with the aim of helping brands with values to launch collections with artistic sensitivity but also concern for the planet.